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2023/4 Albums Thing 361 - Steel Pulse “Caught You”

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Steel Pulse’s 3rd album sees a shift in sound. This is more of a Reggae dance album, think along the lines of their previous songs “Sound Check” and “Sound System”, than their previous records which were liberally coated in politics and Rastafarianism. The politics and Rastafari are still there, we do begin on a song titled “Drug Squad”, but theres more of the pure joy of Reggae music in “Caught You” than previously. If I had to pick a word to describe it, it would be sunny (as the saying goes, reggae when the sun shines but country makes the road roll along) and has a poppier sound than previous albums.

Having said that following the first song “Drug Squad” (the trials of a Rasta musician travelling the world and trying to get through customs unmolested) we have “Harrasment” so maybe I’m talking out of my arse. That though is followed by “Reggae Fever” and after that “Shining”, both of them joyful pop reggae songs.

Over on Side 2 the fabulous “Caught You Dancing” is a song about meeting a girl at a dance (yes, this is Steel Pulse!). Everything is rounded up with “Nyahbinghi Voyage” (Nyahbinghi is one of the denominations or Houses of Rastafari. They are the largest group and are more traditional and militant Rastas) so the pop didn’t wash away the faith completely.

“Caught You” is a much more commercial album than its predecessors but at heart it’s the same sound, just cleaned up a little. It’s still the mighty Steel Pulse. 

Caught You Dancing - https://youtu.be/9grrXKeIt_A?si=UIjrPJKakmAj76cK

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