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2023/4 Albums Thing 351 - Bruce Springsteen “Western Stars - Songs From The Film”

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The Boss had got into a habit of filming stuff to accompany what he was doing. Shortly after he released “Western Stars” he arranged to perform the whole album in a barn on his ranch and had it filmed. I say “a barn”, this ain’t no hay filled, dirt floored cow shed. It is a huge 100 year old barn on his ranch in New Jersey. It has a bar and a stage and he’s held family events there over the years.

The film for which this is the soundtrack is a documentary of Bruce and his band plus a 30 piece orchestra performing all 13 songs from the album “Western Stars”, in the same order they appear on the album, plus a cover of Glen Campbell’s “Rhinestone Cowboy”. the musical sections are interspersed with some set pieces filmed in the Joshua Tree National Park.

If you’re a Springsteen fan this is a really magical film. A peak inside The Boss’s world and an intimate explanation of the songs from one of his very best albums. The live performances (the only time he has played these songs live) give you a new view on songs that were only released just 4 months before and the cover of “Rhinestone Cowboy” puts them in context with the music that inspired the sound of “Western Stars”.

Chasing Wild Horses - https://youtu.be/3nKvR5EptEM?si=wibnTfE3A04rdWKH

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