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2023 Albums Thing 151 - Emmylou Harris “Quarter Moon In A Ten Cent Town”

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Released early in 1978 “Quarter Moon In A Ten Cent Town” is the first Emmylou album we’ve covered that doesn’t feature a song about or written by Gram Parsons. I’m not really sure why I held on to this one, I must have completely succumbed to this gorgeous voice by now. But I really don’t have much to say about it other than it’s Emmylou and its Country.

On a slight down note, for me, Dolly Parton’s “To Daddy” is the kind of sickly sweet, mawkish Country music that I really don’t like but it delivered up a #3 hit so what do I know. The Rodney Crowell song “Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight” has a guest appearance by The Band’s Rick Danko on Fiddle and backing vocals.

Guy Clark’s “One Paper Kid” sees Emmylou duetting with the great Willie Nelson on a stripped back (acoustic guitar and harmonica) story of a dreamer. “Green Rolling Hills” is worth a mention. Written by Bruce “Utah” Philips a man who saw himself as a labour organiser, folk singer, storyteller and poet. He wrote about the struggles of labour unions and self-identified as an anarchist. That must have gone down well in Nashville’s Music Row record company offices !

There’s not really one shining standout moment on “Quarter Moon In A Ten Cent Town”, it is, as you would expect, expertly, slickly delivered Country music. Emmylou’s voice does it for me, a thing of wonder throughout.

Green Rolling Hills - https://youtu.be/LS3Z0ughijk

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