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2023 Albums Thing 129 - Electric Light Orchestra “Masters Of Rock-Showdown”

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There are two reasons I own this record. The first is the sleeve image (taken from an appearance on the short lived UK TV show "2G's And The Pop People" in July 1972) which features my Uncle Bill wielding his French Horn while wearing a vest bearing the legend “Old Hill Plaza”. I believe that Old Hill Plaza was a venue frequented by both my Uncle Bill and his elder brother, my Dad at different times. It was a dance hall a few miles from Dudley run by a formidable lady known as Ma Regan. It had a revolving stage which was at various times graced by not only my Dad and Uncle but also by The Beatles and the Rolling Stones. 

The second reason is that the record is pink. It’s a pretty run of the mill compilation which for some reason in the Netherlands (and nowhere else !) it was decided to issue it on pink vinyl. That allied to the sleeve image means I had to own it.

A bunch of singles (“10538 Overture”, “Showdown” and “Roll Over Beethoven”) and a few random album tracks make it up. The accompanying video was shot on that short lived TV show the cover picture comes from and Uncle Bill and his vest get a close up right at the start.

10538 Overture - https://youtu.be/uROMwJ-4RYo

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