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2023 Albums Thing #049 - David Bowie “Legacy”

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A 2 LP Best of Bowie (that’s like the Pacific-est of oceans or the Everest-est of mountains…geddit?) of which there has been at least one other in the 6 years since this was released (I hate to use the term flogging a dead horse but…).

Interesting only in that it features a new remix of Life On Mars ?” by original producer Ken Scott and some 7” edits/versions of singles. If you are a complete Bowie newbie either this or any of the “Changes” compilations might be a good starting point.

I remember seeing the blue suit Bowie wears in the video below at the “David Bowie Is…” exhibition at the V&A in 2013 and thinking “my god, he was so skinny” !

Life On Mars ? (2016 Mix) - https://youtu.be/UipTt-qqZOE


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