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2023/4 Albums Thing 297 - Roxy Music “Greatest Hits”

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It is something of a mystery to me why this is the only Roxy Music album I own. I should at least have their first two albums, the one’s when Eno was still in the band (he was forced to leave when Ferry told him there could only be one Bry(i)an in the band…oh how that made me laugh when I first heard it). Yes the later Ferry led Roxy became something of an embarrassing supper club croon-fest but here we are, until I rectify things and get those first two albums I only have their Greatest Hits.

But in fairness what Greatest Hits some of them are.

Do The Strand - https://youtu.be/M5X6BifSQ9U?si=nX4Z817fiH1pe2Rd

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