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2023 Albums Thing 227 - Bob Marley & The Wailers “Legend”

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He was/is…a legend that is. As Damien Dempsey sang in his anthem “Almighty Love”, “When Bobby Marley sings the downtrodden grow wings”. His influence is still there to see and hear across the Caribbean and Africa. We went on holiday to Barbados in 2014 and his image and music were everywhere.

“Legend” has to be one of the best selling Best of/singles collections there is (a quick Google tells me it’s the best selling Reggae album of all time with over 25 million worldwide sales !). It is very much aimed at the casual Marley fan, not including too many of his rebel songs, really only “Buffalo Soldier”, “Get Up Stand Up”, “Redemption Song” and “Exodus”. The remaining songs are weighted toward his love songs and positive vibes. Which is no bad thing, Marley was a masterful songwriter and singer and the idea of this album, after all, was to shift units and they succeeded in that. It’s a pity they couldn’t find room for a couple of his more righteous singles, maybe “Concrete Jungle” and “Zimbabwe” but that’s just me being nit-picky.

“Legend” is one of the best singles collections there is.

Redemption Song - https://youtu.be/yv5xonFSC4c?si=BaoRbQLv-iMHoEex

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