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2023 (Xmas) Albums Thing 240 - The Brian Setzer Orchestra “Dig That Crazy Christmas”

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…and again, Christmas songs played by a rock & roll, boogie woogie big band this time pressed on lush red and white splatter vinyl…we’ve been here before haven’t we ?

Mr Setzer and his Orchestra’s second volume of boogie-woogie-fied Xmas tunes follows the same formula as the first. It’s a selection of Christmas standards (“White Christmas”, “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!”, “Jingle Bell Rock” still getting the picture ?) sprinkled with 3 Setzer originals, his “Santa Drives A Hot Rod” is pretty cool. Some of the selections this time are less obvious which makes it a little more interesting as Xmas albums go.

I gotta point out that both of these albums have fantastic artwork, all very early 60’s comic book style, think The Jetsons and there you have it. This one finishes with a look forward to the New Year too…which is nice…

Santa Drives A Hot Rod - https://youtu.be/ZFoiN_qtPQQ?si=4GBJ6Ooq8usNHclc

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