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2023 Albums Thing 163 - League Unlimited Orchestra “Love And Dancing”

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Yes I know it’s out of sequence alphabetically but as it is really an extension of “Dare” then it sits here in my collection right next to its parent album. 

Taking inspiration from the name of Barry White’s Love Unlimited Orchestra, the Human League and producer Martin Hannett set about creating a remix/instrumental album out of 7 of the tracks from “Dare” and one of their B-sides (“Hard Times”).

The tracks missing from “Dare” are “Darkness”, “Get Carter” and “I Am The Law”. “Hard Times” is added I guess because it was a big club hit even as a B-side.

It’s an enjoyable, very 80’s romp through the sort of tracks that were usually hidden away on 12” remix singles, all segued together to create a non-stop dance record. Not much more to say about it really

Hard Times - https://youtu.be/011wrLtZ36k

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