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2023 Albums Thing 209 - Joy Division “Still”

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Like the other Joy Division albums, I didn’t buy this on release as my brother had them. I finally bought the re-issued version last year, in a burgundy sleeve, pressed on clear vinyl. It is, I have to say, a beauty.

“Still” is a posthumous release (both band and singer had met their end), a compilation of previously released rarities and unreleased tracks plus a recording of the bands final gig at Birmingham University on 2nd May 1980. The gig recording is more of historical significance than any musical highlight.

Of the all the tracks the real gem for me is “Dead Souls”. Originally released on a French only single, “Licht und Blindheit" (an original copy of which will cost you in excess of £1500 these days making “Still” quite the bargain !) alongside “Atmosphere”, two of my very favourite Joy Division songs. When my son came back from the Reading Festival in 2007 he was raving about a song Nine Inch Nails had played. He couldn’t remember what it was called but remembered Trent Reznor kept repeating “They keep calling me, Keep on calling me”. I played him “Dead Souls” and asked if that was it…earned some serious cool Dad points that day.

Dead Souls - https://youtu.be/GdNENpd39G4?si=SSwTLxp6uTarD2x9

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