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2023/4 Albums Thing 292 - Ramones “Mania”

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Oh this is a sorry specimen. It’s marked and scratched, one of its inner picture sleeves is missing, it needed some TLC. So, much like that Doors album a few months back, I took it home, cleaned it up as best I could, found it a nice clean but plain inner sleeve and stored it away in a new anti-stat Poly sleeve next to its li’l bro’ “Ramones”. It skips in a couple of places and it’s not something I’ll play very often but I’m happier it is now treated with more of the respect the music it contains undoubtedly deserves.

Bonzo Goes To Bitburg - https://youtu.be/P-L_5HedJbw?si=2IBuQ5Do3sfVEmp1

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