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2023 Albums Thing 192 - The Jam “Dig The New Breed”

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One thing The Jam were, and I cannot and maybe haven’t stressed this enough, was an incredible live force. They are the greatest live band I’ve ever seen and I find it hard to believe I’ll ever see anything that good again. Three fellas should never have been able to produce a sound that powerful and that big…but these three did.

“Dig The New Breed” is a compilation of live performances by The Jam, the earliest being “In The City” from London’s 100 Club in 1977 through to those from Glasgow Apollo in April 1982 finishing with “Private Hell”. In between there’s all the live favourite’s you’d expect plus a cover of Eddie Floyd’s tribute to Otis Redding, “Big Bird”. It’s often thought of as a posthumous release but The Jam played their final show in Brighton on 11th December 1982 and “Dig The New Breed” was released on the 10th.

If you saw The Jam live you’ll know. If you didn’t this, and their other live albums, are as close as you’ll ever get. 

Put your hands together for the best band in the fucking world…THE JAM !“ Thanx John…

The Jam, Bingley Hall, Birmingham 21st March 1982 - https://youtu.be/5E4njUD5ayU?si=cFEPhP-pTA1vk4nO 

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