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2023 Albums Thing 122 - Mike Cooley, Patterson Hood And Jason Isbell “Live At The Shoals Theatre”

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Here’s our final dip into the Drive-By Truckers. I had to have this the minute I saw it. A 4 LP boxed set of coloured vinyl records, 2 of  translucent red and 2 of translucent blue (I have explained my addiction to coloured vinyl, right ?), containing a complete recording of the Drive-By Truckers Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley being joined for part of the show by ex Trucker Jason Isbell at the Shoals Theatre in Florence, AL on 15/6/14 and playing an acoustic “best of” set. The show was a benefit for local journalist Terry Pace who was suffering from some (in America) expensive health difficulties following a stroke (remember to treasure our NHS kids !).

The one thing that sticks out to me from this recording is that when Jason Isbell sings his songs (and he even does one of his solo songs “Cover Me Up”) he’s playing and singing his guts out, almost like he’s saying “see where I managed to go, see what you’re missing guys”. I’m certain that’s not what is happening but that’s what it feels like. I’ve linked to two versions of Jason Isbell’s other great song from “Decoration Day” below, “Outfit”, one from this album and the other shot from the audience that very night. Does it bug the rest of the band they really can’t play this live anymore (in Trucker-world if you wrote it, you sing it) ? but Isbell can. It’s a superb song.

“Live At The Shoals Theatre” is a thing of beauty and a glorious balm to my ears.

Outfit - https://youtu.be/65XaIsKZ4iM

Outfit - https://youtu.be/KCd14ngsw2g (shot from the audience l-r Jason Isbell, Patterson Hood, Mike Cooley)

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