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2023 Albums Thing #040 - David Bowie “Tonight”

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“Tonight” gets some really bad press, even at times from Bowie himself. 

I was all ready to make a controversial statement (to some) and say that I could make a case that “Tonight” is a better album than “Let’s Dance”. It does have some stinkers (two more rotten covers in “God Only Knows” and “I Keep Forgetting” and the cod-reggae takes on the title song with Tina Turner and Iggy’s “Don’t Look Down” are best glossed over) but in “Loving The Alien” and “Blue Jean” we have two winners and the other Iggy cover on here, “Neighbourhood Threat”, is better to my ears than the “Let’s Dance” take on “China Girl”. And to round it up “Tumble And Twirl” and “Dancing With The Big Boys” are VERY 80’s but they’re better songs than most of what’s on “Let’s Dance”. But having listened to the album again as a whole Bowie was right to say it’s not very good.

Much of “Tonight”'s problems stem from it sounding soooo 80’s (and did I mention the cod reggae ?) and from being somewhat lazy. If you count the previously released Iggy songs (3) and the 2 covers Bowie only wrote 4 new songs for this album, that’s less than “Station To Station” !

The video’s for the singles “Blue Jean” and “Loving The Alien” were pleasant epics and hopefully our hero made a few more quid on the sales of this one.

Loving The Alien - https://youtu.be/ns2hmyP0mGY

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