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2023/4 Albums Thing 325 - Smoove & Turrell “Solid Brass: Ten Years Of Northern Funk”

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There are two reasons I own this Best Of collection. I already own all the tracks on it (except one, which we will get to) so there had to be a good reason to get it. And yes, of course you guessed, it’s on coloured vinyl, Brass coloured to be exact, which in reality is a rather exotic shade of brown.

The second reason was the track I didn’t already have, Smoove & Turrell’s version of the Spencer Davis Group’s “I’m A Man”. Remember a few days ago while looking at their debut album “Antique Soul” I mentioned a version of it by Dan Roberts that Smoove had (re)mixed ? Turns out it’s the same backing track (possibly re-mixed again ?), with a few tweaks, this time with a vocal by John Turrell. Doubly turns out that it’s not really up to the level of the Dan Roberts version which is what led me to shelling out the tidy sum I mentioned to get that one on a 7”.

I’m A Man - https://youtu.be/fbnuN8VpVu8?si=N2MuudcCAmoF__e8

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