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2023/4 Albums Thing 281 - Ian Prowse “The Story Of…”

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It does exactly what it says on the cover. We have the story of Ian Prowse from Pele all the way through to a brand new song, all pressed on lush gold vinyl and contained in some of the most spectacularly lavish packaging you’ll see. It’s the perfect spot to start the Prowsey journey if you are new to this. You’ll be lucky to find this vinyl version out in the wild and if you do the price is starting to climb (there’s one for sale online with the sleeve and booklet missing priced at twice what I paid for a brand new one!) but it’s worth the hunt.

It doesn’t run chronologically (which kinda freaks me out) and begins with “Home” which is a lot of people’s favourite. He says of it “this one mainlined a freshly broken heart straight through my aul Takamine”. It’s definitely a communal experience at one of his shows.

Next up is one of those…if you were to be remembered for just one thing in your whole life then for that one thing to be “Does This Train Sop On Merseyside?” is certainly a way to do it. Reportedly John Peel’s 2nd favourite song after “Teenage Kicks” it could reduce the great man to tears. As he asks in the sleeve notes “why is Liverpool so different ?”, I don’t know but this song goes a long way to trying to explain it, the good and the bad.

Over the next 75 or so minutes we find out all about Ian Prowse. How he pinched stuff from one of his favourite bands and no-one has noticed yet, how he feels about being a Dad, his revolutionary spirit, his conviction and “Only The Love” gave us a glimpse into the future.

The only thing I can think of to say right now is Go ‘ead Prowsey…

Taking On The World - https://youtu.be/gc9_zF3PiuU?si=8jyBF-XocRTqnpI7

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