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2023/4 Albums Thing 324 - Smoove & Turrell “Crown Posada”

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I’d like to think that with this title Smoove & Turrell were paying homage to their local boozer. The Crown Posada is, after all, a Victorian pub nestled beneath the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle. It was originally named simply The Crown until, sometime in the 19th-century, an owner with a wife from Spain decided to add the word Posada, the Spanish for hostelry, to the name. There is also a fine hostelry named The Posada in Wolverhampton. Here’s to fine hostelries everywhere.

But back to this album…if you cast your mind back to the end of September last year you may recall a very short blog post I wrote about Hot Chocolate’s album “Man To Man” and the only reason I owned it being for the track “You Could've Been A Lady” which I knew in a version by…ta-daaa…Smoove & Turrell. That very song is the first track on “Crown Posada”. Its a proper dancefloor banger and I was almost disappointed when I realised it was a cover.

More of the same, I like it. They end on another belter “New Jerusalem”…”And we built this pleasant land by workers and their hands, Now it crumbles oh how it crumbles just for their greed”…

You Could've Been A Lady - https://youtu.be/Dq3Ag5KTS6E?si=bor3LbUbEAjUuGdV

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