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2023 Albums Thing #061 - Captain “For Irini”

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Captain formed in the early 2000’s in London. Their debut album in 2006 was a lush pop collection titled “This s Hazelville” produced by Trevor Horn. I came across them that year when they were on the bill at Ben & Jerry’s Sundae On The Common festival a (most fantastic event where you could eat as much ice cream as you could get into yourself and all for free !!!).

They then took an extended break and returned in 2017 with “For Irini”. The title is a tribute to their guitarist Mario Athanasiou who had passed away in early 2016. It’s another 80’s infused lush pop assortment which they issued on beautiful purple vinyl. Now what do I mean by “lush pop” ? Well I struggled with that and then figured that as there’s a fairly faithful cover of the Lotus Eaters “The First Picture Of You” on here it’s not too far a stretch for the uninitiated to think of that as a comparison for Captain, not exactly the same but in the same ball-park as they say in the States. 

It’s a mixture of breathy male and female vocals, sequencers, big drums, John Barry guitars and great tunes. It’s the last new album they’ve made and this was from 2017. Maybe they’re on another of those extended breaks ?

Uriel - https://youtu.be/Avhf_b1_Z1E

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