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2023/4 Albums Thing 323 - Smoove & Turrell “Broken Toys”

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Smoove & Turrell never veer far from what they do (think of them as the AC/DC of danceable grooves) so these pieces about their records are likely to be short (lulling you into a sense of security for some monsters on the horizon).

This is music I don’t have to think about too hard for the most part. Infectious grooves, pleasant songs and a great singer is all  I need at times. That’s not to say Smoove & Turrell have nothing to say. While many of their songs are boy/girl out dancing at the weekend affairs the title track here looks at the affect other people’s wars have on those that have to fight them (“Queens and countries need their little boys, Playing with their lives like their latest toys”) and back on their first album “Beggarman” had some political points to make too. If you can make a point and have people dance to it you’re on to a winner. 

The album ends on a proper “end of the night” arms around your mates singalong, “Now Or Never” opening with the line “Your face it stood out like a bombed out house on the terrace”. Have a listen, just down there…

Now Or Never - https://youtu.be/OgfjeBLNi3g?si=f-hksdros2O4MSp5

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