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2023/4 Albums Thing 317 - Small Faces “The Autumn Stone”

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A 2x LP compilation released in 1969 after the Small Faces had split up. It contains many of their Decca and Immediate singles, some fairly awful quality live tracks recorded at Newcastle City Hall on which you can barely hear the band for the audience screaming, one of the reasons Marriott left the band.

The most interesting thing about “The Autumn Stone” were the handful of previously unreleased songs. There was the title track, an alternative version of their final single “Afterglow Of Your Love", covers of two songs written by Tim Hardin (“Red Balloon” and “If I Were A Carpenter”) and, I think, most interestingly two instrumental tracks, “The Collibosher” and “Wide Eyed Girl On The Wall”, which it has been claimed were unfinished backing tracks for songs for a 4th Small Faces album. I regularly play both of those last 2 in my DJ sets, they are both fantastic 60’s soul pop, what might have been huh ?

Wide Eyed Girl On The Wall - https://youtu.be/boCXnCQL5fE?si=ZmHKeboIxJ6jOKNp

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