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2023 Albums Thing 173 - Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit “Live At The Twist & Shout”

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This one is in the right place chronologically by when it was recorded but not when it was released. The recording itself was made on 16th November 2007 at a record shop in-store performance, but it was released on Record Store Day 2018. Effectively it’s something close to a bootleg that was issued by Isbell’s former record company, New West, and is a very early recording of him with what has become his full time backing band, the 400 Unit (named after the psychiatric ward of Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital in Florence, Alabama incidentally). There are no band intro’s or credits on the record so I don’t know who the members of the 400 Unit were on this recording. It’s reported that Isbell was less than happy about its release, although the sharp eyed will note that the video I’ve included below is from his official YouTube channel.

There are only 6 songs, so it’s more of a mini LP/EP really, 2 from “Sirens Of the Ditch” (“Grown” and “Hurricanes And Hand Grenades”), 3 Truckers tunes (“Goddamn Lonely Love”, Danko/Manuel” and “Outfit”) and finally a spirited cover of Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystic”.

It’s a faithful recording of an early Jason Isbell live show, maybe just one for the enthusiasts.

Hurricanes And Hand Grenades - https://youtu.be/yyS_PKA5jrw

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