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2023 Albums Thing #018 - Beastie Boys “Solid Gold Hits”

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Yes, a compilation, the first of a few we’ll encounter. Sometime in the early 80’s my folks went on holiday to the USA. While in New York they bought some records for me that looked interesting. One was a punky little combo called the Splash Cats (no idea what happened to them) and the other was some weird sounding thing with guys talking on the phone called “Cookie Puss” by the Beastie Boys. Did I like it ? Not really and I sold it sometime later!

Eventually I came around to the Beasties. What hooked me were the singles from the album “Ill Communication”. My brother got the gig as a VJ on MTV’S 120 Minutes show and both “Sure Shot” and “Sabotage” were on “heavy rotation” on MTV at the time.

This album is really just a collection of singles and choice album tracks and it’s all I need. It’s also a perfect soundtrack to the Beastie Boys Book which is a great read. The Beasties were equal parts groovy and plain old silly. Nothing wrong with that at all.

Sure Shot - https://youtu.be/JhqyZeUlE8U

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