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2023 Albums Thing 136 - Fashiøn “Fabrique”

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What we have here is Fashiøn MkII, a very different beast from Fàshiön Music as we’ve known them so far. Luke Sky left the band in June 1980 after a London gig opening for U2 (enough to make anyone walk I’d guess). Mulligan and Dik decided to carry on and went through some short lived members even recording a local radio session and supporting the Human League with one line-up. By 1981 DeHarriss (vocals, guitar) and Martin Recchi (bass) had been added to the band and in November they released the single “Move On”.

“Move On” is utter 80’s perfection, absolute dancefloor dynamite and a DJ in Brum could cram a dancefloor in any of the clubs we were attending at that time before the intro had finished. It’s one of the greatest singles ever to come out of my hometown. Produced by ace German producer Zeus B Held with cover photography by David Bailey, Arista Records very obviously had high hopes for Fashiøn.

The album is an almost equal split between high energy 80’s dance music (“Street Player (Mechanik)”, “Dressed To Kill”, “White Stuff”) and smokier, more laid back almost jazzy songs (“You Only Left your Picture”, “Do You Wanna Make Love”, “Slow Blue”). Six of the 10 tracks were mined as singles, again suggesting Arista had big expectations (although looking at the “no expense spent” promo video below maybe not). Gina X of German electro pioneers Gina X Performance (“No G.D.M” anyone ?) guests on the single “Love Shadow”. 

Despite the big name producer, photographer and guests it never really happened for Fashiøn (sales wise) other than in the clubs. Listening to it now it does sound VERY 80’s, which is exactly what it is, but hearing that intro for “Move On” is still a thrill.

Move On - https://youtu.be/tn1Aempczn4

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