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2023 Albums Thing 077 - John Cooper Clarke “Snap, Crackle & Bop”

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JCC’s 4th album, (the live album “Walking Back To Happiness” was officially the 3rd) which I nevertheless always think of as his 2nd, follows much the same formula as “Disguise In Love” with the poet performing his poems over backing tracks by the Invisible Girls, no solo performances this time. 

One of the great surprises tied to this record was watching episode 14 of season 6 of “The  Sopranos” (the greatest TV drama series of all) titled “Stage 5” and realising as the closing credits music started that you were hearing this albums opening track “Evidently Chickentown”. The clash of cultures between New Jersey organised crime and Salford poet was jarring and perfectly right at the same time. 

Outside of that “Snap, Crackle & Bop” is all about one astonishing piece, “Beasley Street”. Even now, 43 years later, it remains an absolutely brutal but accurate punch in the face for life in early 1980’s (Thatcher’s) Britain. The hopelessness of day to day existence for whole communities in parts of the country is laid bare by John Cooper Clarke’s brilliant words. 

The boys are on the wagon, The girls are on the shelf, Their common problem is that they're not someone else

If you’ve never heard it then you must click the link below. 

Beasley Street - https://youtu.be/0oldi8_jH40

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