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2023/4 Albums Thing 254 - New Order “Substance”

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Now then, I understand that New Order have fans as rabid in some ways as some other Mancunian bands I could mention and that this statement may set a few of them off but…I think all you really need by New Order is this compilation and maybe a copy of “Love Vigilantes”. There, I’ve said it.

My preferred New Order period is the early days when they sounded like a better recorded Joy Division with a worse singer. On this album that would be side 1,  “Ceremony”(which does appear on Joy Division’s “Still” performed at their final gig in Birmingham), “Everything’s Gone Green” and “Temptation” which are quite superb. 

Side 2 begins with what is, I suppose, New Order’s signature tune, the one everybody knows, “Blue Monday”. I like it if I hear it, it’s not something I’d reach for very often if at all.  In 1986 the band I worked for (you know who, right ?) we’re invited to open for New Order in Birmingham as their manager knew New Order’s notorious manager Rob Gretton (Happy Mondays were also on the bill, first time I came across them). As we walked into the venue through the foyer we could hear “Blue Monday” being “played” but not sung. When we got into the venue it was still booming out but…there was absolutely nobody on the stage. That kinda put me off them, knowing that so much of what they did wasn’t “played”.

Later on this comp there is “True Faith” which I like and I’ve already expressed my liking for “Love Vigilantes”. Over the years I’ve met and really enjoyed being around Peter Hook. A few years ago we went to see him and his band The Light play a gargantuan Joy Division/New Order set in Wolverhampton. I gotta admit for the majority of the New Order part of the set I went into the bar in the next room. Which is why I offered at the start there that all you really need by New Order is this compilation and maybe a copy of “Love Vigilantes”. 

So why do I even own it I can hear some of you ask ? Well a copy like this one, a UK 1st issue with the embossed sleeve, is quite the valuable item these days. This one came to me via the shop and has been, shall we say, partied. So I took it home for a good clean and some TLC and couldn’t bring myself to sell it for the pittance I’d get for it, so it stayed here with a few others at Russ’s benevolent home for misused LP’s, I get ‘em out and give ‘em a spin every now and again and we’re all very happy with the arrangement.

Everything’s Gone Green - https://youtu.be/Aaf-eqg8dvo?si=56WtwdOuUrsu0dXZ

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