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2023 Albums Thing 185 - Is Bliss “Strange Communication”

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I know I first came across Is Bliss on YouTube but can’t remember why I was looking into them. I suspect it was at the prompting of a customer in the shop. The things I recall from YT were 60’s/Psych sounding but this album is not really like that, it’s more a mix of new-Psyche and full on brain crushing shoegaze, think Loop or Chapterhouse. Is Bliss are a 3 piece band from Portsmouth who apparently have a “shared love of Slowdive, Spacemen 3 and Verve” which explains the shoegaze but fails to explain my liking for them as I really don’t care for any of those 3.

First song “Belong” pretty much nails what they do, have a listen below. “All I See Is You” starts out acoustically and then adds what sound like recorders for a folky feel. “Wonder” has an Indian/60’s/Raga thing going on. “What To Believe” puts me in mind of Swervedriver.

If you’re a fan of any of the other bands mentioned Is Bliss are a band you may want to have a listen to (https://isbliss.bandcamp.com/album/strange-communication).

Belong - https://youtu.be/Z9o47Cztjuk?si=vAYDT-KWOQtoZS11

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