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2023 Albums Thing 183 - Pierre Bachelet & Hervé Roy “Emmanuelle, The Original Soundtrack”

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The next couple of days entries are for records that are alphabetically out of order because I've added them to my collection recently. 

Pierre Bachelet was a French singer and composer, Hervé Roy a similarly French singer, arranger, songwriter, composer and orchestra leader. Together they created the soundtrack to Just Jaeckin’s 1974 movie adaptation of Emmanuelle Arsan’s 1967 erotic novel “Emmanuelle”. The film was quite a big deal back then and many a schoolboy fantasised over the pictures of star Sylvia Kristel on the advertising posters outside cinemas...I wouldn’t wonder.

Do I like the music within ? Not really, it's orchestral incidental music, snippets of an oft repeated theme. There’s only one reason to own this album, for the schoolboy fantasy picture of Sylvia Kristel on the cover (look it up yourself).

Emmanuelle In The Mirror - https://youtu.be/F3L2IMssEes?si=zqHNmfAUWg44RI4h

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