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2023 Albums Thing 204 - Tom Jones “Help Yourself”

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Another of those albums I own purely for one track, in this case it is Tom’s fabulous cover of Ben E King’s Northern Soul classic “I Can’t Break The News To Myself”. Tom’s version is every bit the equal of Mr. King’s but whereas a copy Ben E’s original 1965 Atco 7” will set you back anywhere up to and occasionally over £100 this LP can be found in almost any charity shop in the UK for £2 tops (and if they want more they’re ripping you off !). The other well known track on this album would be the title track, if you heard it you’d know it, believe me.

Interesting tale…I used to play Tom’s version of “I Can’t Break The News To Myself” a lot when DJ’ing. After playing it once at a local Soul night a chap came rushing up to me saying “Is that off the album ?”, why yes I replied and he countered “I’ll give you £30 for it now”. I could barely get it out of my record box fast enough, before he realised what an eejit he was being ! I think it was in the second charity shop I went into the next day where I found my current pristine copy for the princely sum of £1…

I Can’t Break The News To Myself - https://youtu.be/c68phYhk9EI?si=8Uwh5WLoOGawgdsR

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