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2023 Albums Thing #033 - David Bowie “Stage”

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Bowie’s 2nd official live album is the audio record of 1978’s Isolar II tour (a.k.a The Low/Heroes tour a.k.a the Stage tour). It’s a strange one, the tracks from earlier in his career, the Ziggy tracks for example, just don’t cut it for me, far too synthesised in this incarnation. Whereas the “Low” and “Heroes” tunes sound magnificent played live and, as I said a couple of albums back, the version of “Station To Station” on here is what finally allowed me to “get” that song. One of the band has also revealed that for the shows that were recorded for this album all the tempos were slowed down, the only shows where this happened. 

Also the album running order seems very disjointed. They messed with the set running order on the album. If you look online you can find set lists from the tour and re-sequence “Stage” so it runs as the setlist tell you it should. Then it makes far more sense.

I’m not going to say much more except if you can track it down there is a version of the song “Heroes” recorded, I think, at the Earls Court gig on this tour included in the soundtrack of the recently released “Moonage Daydream” documentary. Search it out, it’s fantastic.

Station To Station - https://youtu.be/bnEc91KRKrc

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