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A Challenge for 2023...

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We've had this blog available here for a long aul time, almost 7 years in fact, and we are well aware that we have, on the whole, horribly neglected it. So, for 2023 we're setting ourselves a challenge inspired by something that we remember seeing online during the dark days of the lockdowns.

We recall coming across a website where someone (and we can't remember the website or who that someone was) had committed to listening to their entire album collection, in alphabetical order (cos we all store our collections in alphabetical order, right ?) and then posting online a review of each album as they listened to it. 

We're gonna do just that. This will ensure this blog gets used more than the pitiful attempts it's seen thusfar and will give me something positive to concentrate on for the rest of this year. Be forewarned, there will be no bad write ups, it's my collection and I don't buy records I don't like ! But hopefully a little forced positivity will be good for all of us.

So this is your heads up that it's going to happen and we will begin (sometime) tomorrow with 10,000 Manicas "The Wishing Chair"...there, I'm committed to it now...

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