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2023 Albums Thing 195 - The Jam “Greatest Hits”

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In my collection purely because it’s a Jam album that I didn’t already own. Of course I didn’t need it, I own all the singles themselves that make up this record. But I’m a sucker when it comes to Jam records that I don’t already own. I have multiple copies of all their 6 studio albums (a few months ago I managed to buy a complete set of 6 in mint condition, all fully autographed…be still my fluttering heart) and I guess this just counts as multiples of the singles. 

Interestingly, listening to it t’other day for the purposes of this piece, I noticed that the version of “The Modern World” included here is the album version (which Weller swears in “I don't give two fucks about your review”) rather that the single version (in which he doesn’t “I don't give a damn about your review”). I must listen again more closely to see if any of the others are album rather than single versions. All 16 UK singles are here proving the point that The Jam were a superb singles band, the 2 import singles that were hits (“That’s Entertainment” and “Just Who Is The 5 O’Clock Hero”) and for some bloody reason my least favourite Jam song “Precious”…again!

You all know the singles, right ? And if you don’t you better go find yourself a copy of this album pretty damn sharpish as there is a huge hole in your record collection !

When You’re Young - https://youtu.be/GO-3oXkZwPg?si=NmBkT7_kSXsHYdr0

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