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2023 Albums Thing 135 - Fàshiön Music “Fàshiön Music”

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A compilation of Fàshiön Music’s non-album singles, b-sides and rarities. Not one for everybody but a useful place to round up the non LP singles “Stéädy Eddié Stéädy”, “Silver Blades” (the second time that place has featured in song in my collection. Does anyone recall the first ?) and “Citinite” (well, it’s B-side “Wastelife” as “Citinite” itself was on “Pröduct Perfect”) plus their related b-sides alongside a wealth of unreleased demos.

Not an album that most would find as interesting as I do but Fashion, in all their guises, are Brummie legends ay they so it had to be had.

Silver Blades - https://youtu.be/9la2jvxiKUA (with extra added John Peel)

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