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2023 Albums Thing #058 - The Byrds “The Original Singles 1965-1967”

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I’ve been a fan of The Byrds for as long as I can remember, it’s those shimmering 12-string Rickenbacker’s and the vocal harmonies that do it for me. Back in 1990 CBS put out a fantastic 4 CD box set covering their whole career and I played it to death. 

This album does what it says on the tin, a chronological compilation of The Byrds singles and B-sides from “Mr. Tambourine Man” to “So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star”. It finds it’s way into my collection purely for the track “Captain Soul”, a most un-Byrds like R&B type instrumental which was the B-side of “5D (Fifth Dimension)”. I’ve been after a copy of the 7” for a while and this will have to do until I find one.


Captain Soul - https://youtu.be/S7MJft5hsuY

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