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2023 Albums Thing 165 - Miles Hunt “The Custodian 1 + 2”

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Miles released “The Custodian” in 2018, “The Custodian 2” in 2020 and this mammoth 4xLP 60 track boxed vinyl version in 2021. The idea was sparked by a conversation with the great Tom Robinson who asked Miles who he thought owned his songs. He answered whoever the publishing company were probably did, but ultimately, he did. Tom Robinson countered that all of their songs now belonged to their audience and that their position was as The Custodian, the person whose job it is to see that the songs are treated and performed with the respect the audiences deserve…and so “The Custodian” was born.

The two collections are acoustic recordings of songs from right across Miles myriad musical stopping points, with The Wonder Stuff, Vent 414, The Miles Hunt Club, solo and collaborations with others, recorded as he would play them at his solo acoustic shows. Songs from the very first he wrote (“Speakeasy”) right up to new ones recorded for these albums. The hits and album highlights are all here, “Unbearable”, “The Size Of A Cow”, “Here Comes Everyone”, “Fixer” (this version of which is nothing short of astonishing). They sit alongside lesser known gems and B-sides like “Flapping On The Pier”, “Meaner Than Mean” and some new songs that would surface again later in other forms, “Custodian” and “In My Sights”.

If I had to pick one song it would be impossible, but, side 3 of “Custodian 2” is a joy,  “A Great Drinker”, “Hush”, “Hot Love Now!”, “Life Before You”, “Immortalising Chase”, “A Yes & A No”, “Smoked” and “Better Get Ready For A Fist Fight”…man alive that’s a bunch o’ tunes.

“The Custodian” is “yer old pal Milo’s” greatest hits and more (I’ll resist the obvious there), all beautifully recorded with shining acoustic guitars and vocals that sometimes feel like the singer is right there in the room with you. He’s threatening a 3rd volume too.

Custodian - https://youtu.be/6F1jSFS38Qk

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