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2023 Albums Thing #009 - Artifacts & Uranium “Pancosmology"

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There are a couple of reasons I added this to my collection chief among them being my good friend Nick Raybould is the drummer on much of it oh, and it’s on lovely green vinyl and I’m a sucker for coloured vinyl. 

Artifacts & Uranium are a side collaboration between Fred Laird (Earthing Society, Tara Bulba, Empty House) and Mike Vest (Bong, Lush Worker, 11Paranoias, mienakunaru). If you like Neu!, Ash Ra Tempel and similar classic Krautrick I suspect, like me, that you’ll dig this. 

Side 1 is the more out there experimental Tempel-y sounding side whereas Side 2 falls more into the Neu!-ish melodic, motorik style. You can listen to the whole album online at https://echodelickrecords.bandcamp.com/album/pancosmology . If I had to pick one track for you to try it would be “Radio Wolfen”

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