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2023 Albums Thing 087 - Cud “Leggy Mambo”

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I was very late to Cud’s party. Yes I knew the name but I don’t think I knowingly heard them until I caught them at the Shiiine On Weekender at Butlins (!) in 2015. That was the point at which I pondered “why have I never listened to them before ?”. They were bloody good. One of their CD’s (this album) came through the shop and I had a listen, it was bloody good.

Singer Carl Puttnam has a booming voice reminiscent of Scott Walker at times. The guitars are groovy and upfront and most of the songs seem aimed at the hips. The one that did it for me was “Hey Boots”, an absolutely poptastic Indie groover. Much more than that I cannot tell you. I guess if you already know Cud then you already know and if you don’t know them then have a listen to “Hey Boots” and see what you make of it.

Hey Boots - https://youtu.be/ac9ARPL1xYA

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