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2023 Albums Thing #007 - Amsterdam “Attitunes”

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The debut album by the new band formed by the former singer with Liverpool legends Pele…ladies and gentlemen here is your first encounter with someone you’ll meet again and again throughout this collection, Mr Ian Prowse.

“The Scouse Springsteen”, the writer of John Peel’s 2nd favourite song, call him what you will but Prowsey is one of the UK’s very best, yet very under-appreciated songwriters and one of the most exciting live performers we’ve had the pleasure of seeing across the 17 years (!!!) since we first encountered him opening for The Wonder Stuff in Wolverhampton.

Prowsey’s previous band Pele (we’ll get to them later) had split after releasing 2 studio and 1 live album between 1992-94. After 7 years he re-apppeared with a new band Amsterdam and an album “Attitunes” initially released on CD only through a small independent. The reason I have it in here is because Prowsey’s star rose enough in the ensuing 20 years that in 2021 we were treated to a beautiful Red vinyl re-issue to celebrate its anniversary.

This album houses songs that are still mainstays of any Prowse/Amsterdam gig you will attend this year, the strident “Taking On The World”, Tony Blair’s favourite “You’re a Phoney” and the devastatingly beautiful “Feels Like Growing Up” co-written with his guitar-hero wingman Johnny “B” Barlow.

In economical Prowsey style things start off with “And It Hurts”, a song much of which he recycled into “Somethings Changed” on his 2019 solo album “Here I Lie”, a good tune shouldn’t be wasted. The next 3 songs we’ll meet again soon. "Lifestyle" is sung by band member Genevieve Mort and finally “Nostalgia” will be around again soon. 

Side 2 rattles along happily starting out with “We Don’t Like You” (a distant cousin of The Stranglers “Nice And Sleazy”) including a guest appearance by Arthur Scargill; Genevieve returns on vocals for the short interlude of “Helsby Hill”; “Diablo And The Dame” would be interesting to hear live again and everything winds up with the previously mentioned “Feels Like Growing Up” and “Raver”, a rambunctious celebration of the Ibizan lifestyle !

After a few years away “Attitunes” was a great return, it pointed to brighter days ahead.

Feels Like Growing Up - https://youtu.be/12do1-TPrQ4

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