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2023/4 Albums Thing 285 - Public Service Broadcasting “Every Valley”

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After the previous 2 albums I was ready for “Every Valley” on release day. I didn’t really read anything about it ahead of it’s release as I had enjoyed the previous 2 records so much. This was a mistake. The formula remains much the same and this time the “concept” (this and “The Race For Space” are concept albums after all) is the history of mining in Wales.

My main problem with this record showed up the very first time I played it. Suddenly, with absolutely no warning, my ears were assaulted by the tuneless caterwauling of James Dean Bradfield. No, I’m not a fan of him or his laughably shite Clash tribute band, so to have him wailing in my living room with no prior warning was not something I was in any way anticipating nor appreciating. A simple sticker telling me “Featuring a guest appearance by…” on the outside would have done it, forewarned is forearmed and all that, but no, I was totally unprepared for the horror…thanx PSB !

As I pointed earlier out there’s nothing much different here musically to the previous 2 albums, although there is no “Spitfire”, “Gagarin” or “GO!” included, the essential dancefloor banger that would have lifted it. That, added to JDB’s unwelcome cameo and the fact that the history of mining in Wales isn’t quite as gripping a subject as the space race means this ain’t my favourite PSB record.

People Will Always Need Coal - https://youtu.be/5JwoMf2f9FQ?si=jEa3Gc9rb9TiFp3r

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