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2023 Albums Thing 222 - Lottery Winners “Something To Leave The House For”

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Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming...

During the pandemic madness the Lottery Winners issued a covers album, “Sounds Of Isolation”, so “Something To Leave The House For” is the original material follow up to “Lottery Winners”. There’s a couple of major differences on this one. Firstly bass player Katie Lloyd gets to sing some lead vocals, three in total “Sunshine”, “85 Trips”, “Love Bites”. 

Secondly there are a number of collaborations with some celeb mates. “Dance With The Devil” features KT Tunstall, “Start Again” includes Frank Turner and “Bad Things” is graced by Sleeper (whether that is all of them or not isn’t made clear).

Overall it’s a little more subdued than “Lottery Winners” but there’s still more pop sunshine in here than you’ll find most anywhere else.

Start Again - https://youtu.be/RMV-4zrdSl4?si=2iHRS_RFdZ6_2Sq5

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