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2023 Albums Thing 111 - The Doors “LA Woman”

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I like The Doors (I know I said that yesterday but it bears repeating). I don’t really know a lot about them. I’ve seen the movie about them starring Val Kilmer and yes I understand that is unlikely to be a completely accurate historical document. I’ve never bought in to the cult of the Lizard King, nice looking boy, decent voice, knew how to wear a pair of leather keks but we’ll leave it there. I just happen to like the noise they make.

“LA Woman” begins with “The Changeling”, a groovy, keyboard heavy opener that sets a mood for the record. The band wanted it as the albums lead single but were overruled by Elektra in favour of “Love Her Madly”, a careering, tumbling, out of control thing with a fantastic hook.

There are other classics within, the title track could be the perfect soundtrack to driving around LA (I’ve done it, these type of songs make much more sense when driving along Sunset or Hollywood Boulevard with the soft top down, see Don Henley’s “Boys Of Summer” or the Gin Blossoms “Hey Jealousy” also), and of course this album finishes with a real classic (Doors or otherwise) the utterly beguiling “Riders On The Storm”, a fitting outro for Jim Morrison who died just 76 days after the albums release.

This is one of those records I acquired through owning a record shop. I got it as part of a collection I bought for the shop, a UK 1st issue with the rounded corners on the sleeve and the cellophane “window” with The Doors staring out at you. It’s not in pristine condition and, like “Morrison Hotel” before it, I could have sold it cheap but it plays well enough and as you now know, I like the noise they make.

The Changeling - https://youtu.be/4py-jtiCtfc

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