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A handy set of answers to the top questions we encounter in the shop from day to day:


  1. Yes we buy records (dependant on what they are and their condition). Sadly, not many people want to give them to us.
  2. Yes we accept (debit/credit) cards. There is a £10 minimum spend. That’s what the sign says that you walked past when you came in…and the one halfway down the shop…and the one just to the left of the person you are speaking to now…
  3. Yes you can look at the records but keep your fingers off the vinyl surface. If you can’t do that then ask us for assistance.
  4. We are an almost exclusively 2nd hand record shop so no, we don’t have <insert whatever Record Store Day release here>.
  5. No we don’t sell Classical records. I just don’t have time to swot up on circa 500 years of output !
  6. Records are filed by artist surname and band name…that does NOT mean The Beatles, The Jam, The Wonder Stuff etc. etc are filed under T…
  7. When you’re trying to sell us records and we ask you “what sort of stuff do you have”, “oh, all-sorts” is not a remotely helpful answer.
  8. The toilets are over there…next to the lifts…right between the two bright red signs that say “TOILETS” 
  9. No we don’t sell DVD’s/CD-R’s/VHS Tapes/Mini Discs/Blank Cassettes…IT’S A RECORD SHOP !

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